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SEACOOP Contact Point

Should you need support and guidance services for the development of joint research projects, particularly under FP7, don’t hesitate to contact the SEACOOP Helpdesk:

FP7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FP7 FAQs have been designed and conducted by the European Commission in the context of the preparation of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7):

FP7 Finance-Helpdesk – Financial Information & FAQs

Visit the FP7 Finance-Helpdesk to get the latest information related to financial aspects of FP7:

  • FP7 participation, subcontractors, third parties
  • Risk-sharing finance facility, guarantee mechanism
  • Funding regimes, lump sums, flat rates
  • Funding rates, activities
  • Personnel costs, average personnel costs, employment issues, students
  • Receipts
  • Eligible & Ineligible costs
  • Overheads, possible methods, direct costs vs indirect costs
  • Financial planning, financial spreadsheet
  • Bookkeeping, accounting records, timesheets, cost recording
  • Payments
  • Financial reporting, timing and approval of financial reports
  • FP7 certificates
  • EU audits / liquidated damages
  • Consortium agreement financial issues
  • The role of the coordinator

R&D Centres of Excellence in Southeast Asia

A number of research centres focusing on ICT can be characterized today by skilled researchers, substantial research infrastructures, and high connections at the international level. They can therefore be considered as “centres of excellence in ICT” and represent, logically, potential partners for collaborative projects.

To access the selection of such Southeast Asian research centres, please visit the dedicated page here.

Searching for a partner?

Ideal-IST is an international ICT partner search network, with more than 60.000 contacts in line with the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission. Today the Ideal-IST network consists of 63 ICT national partners from EU and Non-EU Countries, such as Associated States, Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC) and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) and emerging countries like China, Brazil, India, and South Africa in line with the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission.

Ideal-IST provides sophisticated Partner Search Services and the Ideal-IST network creates opportunities to find partners to build ICT projects consortia. Ideal-IST is also cooperating with other networks, such as the NCP SME Network (National Contact Points for European Small and Medium Size Enterprises).


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